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A sound background in sales and marketing . . .
Pam McKinnie, owner and principal of Concepts Unlimited, comes from a
traditional marketing/sales background. That’s why we can offer more than
stunning designs and clever words. We offer results in the form of increased
awareness of your product or service and—more importantly—increased profits.

A love of words and creative design . . .
We do love to create a new brochure, catalog, letterhead, or annual report
that assures your product will be remembered by your customer or client.
Sometimes we win awards. More often we produce something that pleases
you and distinguishes you from your competitors. If that happens, we’re happy.

A virtual company that costs less . . .
Concepts Unlimited is a virtual team. You pay for only the talent you need
at the price you can afford. We offer a full range of capabilities to give you
one-stop shopping and marketing continuity. Services are provided in-house
or by our strategic partners to insure that whatever you require is available
for your project and that everything that represents your company or
organization has the same look and feel. Our overhead is low and you only
pay for what you need—no more, no less. Plus we’re green. Our virtual
approach is efficient and saves valuable resources.
    Once in a while in a person’s lifetime someone
crosses one’s path and makes an indelible and
forever impact. Pam McKinnie of Concepts Unlimited
is such a person. I met Pam through a recommenda-
tion when I needed help editing, designing and
marketing my book. She never ceases to amaze me
with her creativity, patience, and impeccable work.
She not only is knowledgeable about what is
attractive and engaging for a book, but for any
marketing materials an organization might need.
I am forever grateful for this wonderful resource
and friendship.    —Denny Kercher, Consultant &
Trainer, D.O. Kercher Enterprises
Direct mail, email, eCommerce experience . . .
Direct marketing (whether through websites, the internet, email, or traditional means) is an animal of a different color. Its sole purpose
is to get you leads and sales. It is action oriented, verifiable, and an important part of your marketing plan. Few advertising mediums
can contribute as much to your bottom line. We understand direct marketing, eCommerce, blogs, eNews, social media, and we’re willing
to put our reputation on the line to produce results for you.

Books, manuals, e-books, and more books . . .
It’s amazing how easy it is in today’s world to publish and sell your own book! Editing, designing, illustrating, printing, and promoting
books is our fastest growing service. Publishing a book positions you as an expert in your field and adds value to your seminars and
consulting. Books can tell your story, raise money for your non-profit, promote your business. But because there are so many options
to think about in publishing and marketing your book, you need to work with someone who can help you successfully navigate the territory.
BEFORE you sign a binding contract with a formula Internet publisher, give us a call. Let’s talk about what will work best for you. You
might be surprised to find that you can have individualized service and a custom-designed book for the same price as a “mass-produced”

Amazing print prices . . .
We can save you money on printing even for projects we have not designed. With 25 years of industry experience, often we can save you
enough money on the printing of your projects to pay for our design services.