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Pam McKinnie, principal and owner. As a child growing up in the midwest, rather than asking “What
can I do?” on boring summer days, Pam would ask “What can I make?” She moved from creating clay
elephants, pressed-flower wall hangings, and fashion design for hand-drawn paper dolls to getting a
degree in marketing at Central Missouri State University. After working as a sales or marketing manager
for several large medical and high tech companies, Pam founded Concepts Unlimited. Pam prides herself
on listening to clients and transforming initial ideas into thoughtful design that sells. Since 1982, Concepts
Unlimited has designed collateral materials, trade ads, websites, eCommerce and direct mail campaigns
for clients ready to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

In addition to working as a graphic designer, copywriter, and marketing executive, Pam has been an
important part of the Colorado non-profit community. She was co-founder of the Rocky Mountain School
for the Gifted and Creative and served on their board of directors for 15 years. Pam has also served as a
trustee on the Colorado Business and Professional Women’s Education Foundation, the Vajra Flame
Foundation, and as a director of the Vascular Disease Foundation.