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       For the past eighteen years, Concepts Unlimited
  has provided fresh, consistent, professional
  communication for Rocky Mountain School for the
  Gifted and Creative. Whether it has been internal
  communication, advertising campaigns, print
  material, web design, or fundraising and event
  materials, we can count on Concepts for creativity
  —on message, on time and at a great value.   
  —Barbara Mitchell Hutton, MBA, Executive Director,
  Rocky Mountain School for the Gifted and Creative
        For more than 20 years Pam McKinnie of Concepts
  Unlimited has been my ‘PR and Marketing Department.’
  Her expertise has kept The Ed Tomlinson Team in the
  top ten percent of Realtors nationally. The books she
  has helped me publish have made it to the top of
  several ‘Best Sellers Lists’ and the articles printed in
  numerous newspapers and professional publications
  have brought us hundreds of clients. Whether it’s
  designing presentation materials, direct mail or ad
  campaigns, press releases, or integrated marketing
  campaigns, I know that Pam will help us stand out
  from the crowd.     —Ed Tomlinson, Re/Max West